PWS 4010097

Rates & Billing

WATER RATE: $1.90 per 1,000 gallons (plus $5.49 administration fee)

SEWER RATE: $5.54 per 1,000 gallons (plus $8.65 administration fee and EPA fee)

During the course of the year, customers will see two separate billing methods take place.


Winter – (December, January, February, March bills) The meter read for water is used for the consumption charge for sewer - (If the water meter reads 4,000, then the sewer will charge 4,000 as well)


Spring, summer and fall – (Remainder of the Year) The meter read for water is used for water only and the consumption charge for sewer is calculated by the computer using the set point established for your account based on your winter water consumption. The set point establishes a maximum level of consumption for the sewer portion of your bill aka WUC “wastewater use cap”. (If the water meter reads 4,000, the sewer consumption billed could be the same or lower depending on the set point for your account)


New Homeowners Sewer Rate: All new owners that moved in during the winter months (DecemberMarch) will be given a summer average based on the use of 4,500 gallons per month. The summer average applies to the sewer only, as the water charge is always based on actual water usage.


New Renters Sewer Rate: All new renters that move during the year will be given a summer average based on the use of 4,500 gallons per month. The summer average applies to the sewer only, as the water charge is always based on actual water usage.

NOTE: Customers are charged per 1,000 gallons of water. If a customer uses 1,900 gallons in one month, they will only be charged for 1,000. The remaining 900 will not be charged until it reaches 1,000 gallons minimum. 

Q: What is an EPA Fee?

Due to regulatory compliance mandates being issued through the EPA, the City of Meridian's Public Works Department determined that there would be additional funds needed through users of the system in order to cover the anticipated expenses of such mandates. City Council approved the request for a water, and sewer rate increase as well as an EPA flat rate fee. The EPA Fee has been implemented effective 9/20/14 and is scheduled to sunset in 10 years or 120 billing cycles.

Q: When will I get my bill?

The City of Meridian has two billing cycles. If you live North of Cherry/Fairview your bill will be mailed on or after the 20th of each month and will be due by the 5th of the following month. If you live South of Cherry/Fairview your bill will be mailed on or after the 5th of each month and be due by the 20th of that month.

Q: How much water is normal for one person to use?

On average 80-100 gallons of water per day is used per person for kitchen, laundry, bathing, toilets, watering plants and animals, and other day to day living needs.


Q: What if I don’t have the four winter months to use for my average? A: Your summer sewer average will be based on 4,500 gallons until you have occupied the home during the winter months to establish an average or you are able provide your winter months usage from your previous location in order to receive an accurately calculated average. 


Q: What if I discover a leak or receive a letter telling me the City has discovered a leak at my residence?

If you discover a leak you may apply for an adjustment to your sewer billing. To apply for an adjustment CLICK HERE. This is an online form and will be received by the City of Meridian via email for processing. Please note that adjustments are NOT typically given in regards to lost water. Unfortunately, the water may not have gone into the home as planned, however, it is a resource that was delivered to the property.


Q: Does the City do adjustments to accounts for pools, car washing, etc.?

We do not adjust for topping off pools or spas, car washing, indoor plant watering, toilets that are running and not shutting off after use. The majority of users will have some water use that does not enter the sewer system this has been adjusted for through the summer average for your sewer rate. We do adjust sewer charges for broken outside faucets or hose bibs, faulty sprinklers, water heaters, or water softeners where the water has not entered the sewer system - when it is apparent that said usage has impacted the sewer charges. Repairs need to be completed, before an adjustment will be considered.


Q: What happens when my account becomes delinquent?

A: When your account becomes delinquent you will have received two billing statements and a delinquent reminder notice which is mailed to you 10 to 12 days before the scheduled shut off day. The delinquent reminder notice will ask for payment by close of business the day before the scheduled shut off day to avoid termination of services. However, if you pay your bill on shut off day and the payment is posted BEFORE the service person reaches your home your water will not be shut off and you will not be billed the $30.00 turn on fee. We post payments every hour on shut off day and make every effort to avoid terminating your service.


Payments on shut off day can be made the following ways: by our automated phone system toll free at 844-756-3743. This payment option accepts debit cards, Visa and Master Card. You may also pay for free at our website, CLICK HERE. You will need your account number and the first 4 letters of your name as it appears on your bill (this is typically your last name) for any of these payment options. On our website there are two options you may use. Express Pay is designed to allow anyone to pay on your account. You will need to provide them with your account number and last name. Please note, information entered into Express Pay is not saved. You may also create a login account and enter as a returning user to pay your account. There is no need to call the City to let us know your payment has been made. When you receive your transaction confirmation number using any of the City of Meridian payment methods we received the confirmation as well. If you encounter any problems using our systems feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist you.


We also take payments at the Meridian Utility Billing office at City Hall (33 E Broadway Suite 106, Meridian, ID 83642). Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We accept cash, check, debit card, money orders, Visa or Master card. The fee for having your services turned back on after payment is received is $30.00. In most cases this is billed on your next Utility Bill statement. In some cases we are required to collect the $30.00 turn on fee before the services are reconnected.


Q: Why does the City turn delinquent water accounts off?

The City has determined that this is the least costly way to control delinquency. Delinquent accounts increase the cost of service for everyone. Attempting to contact each customer individually is too time-consuming and costly to be effective.


Q: Does Meridian regulate a landlord’s allocation of utility charges to individual tenants based on either sub-metering or Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS)?

The City of Meridian does not govern the rental/lease agreements between landlord and tenants. The City of Meridian does have several situations that involve RUBS: apartment complexes, trailer parks and other multi tenant structures both residential and commercial.


Sub-Metering would also be allowed provided that it does not pose a backflow contamination problem. Meters are placed in the service line after the City of Meridian’s water meter. The City of Meridian will NOT be the billing agent for sub meters; property owner maintains responsibility for the service line and any equipment installed therein.