PWS 4010097


Meridian conducts routine and non-routine flushing continuously throughout the year in an effort to improve water quality and reduce "brown water" occurrences by removing built up iron and manganese sediments within our water lines. We notify residents of flushing activity through social media updates, Nextdoor notifications, and email. You can sign up below for email notifications. 

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Helpful Tips for Flushing Events

  • Your tap water may temporarily appear red, brown, or blackish in color. If this occurs, simply run your cold water faucets in your bathtubs at full stream for a few minutes until the water runs clear. 

  • To avoid any unwanted sediment build-up in your hot water heater, you should always clear your lines using cold water taps like outside faucets, sinks and tubs. 

  • During this flushing period, you should check your clothes washers and ice makers for any sediment before using. 

  • If your faucets seem to be clogged or running slowly, simply remove the screens and rinse out. 

  • The water pressure inside of your home may also fluctuate at times. This is only temporary and regular water pressure will resume once this flushing period is complete.